Amuse Multilingual Artists Audition2 “世界と、話そう。”



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“Settings” → “Photos & Camera” → “Record Video” → Choose “720p HD at 30 fps,” then record it.

- To reduce a file to a lower resolution -
Import the video to “iMovie” application, export the video at a file size of “HD – 720p” then save it.

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Activate “Camera,” choose a resolution of “1280*720” at the settings menu, then record it.
Operating instructions vary depending on manufactures so please read the manual of your device.

- To reduce a file to a lower resolution -
Import the video to an application like “Adobe Premier Clip,” export the video at a file size of “HD – 720p” then save it.

  • If you are unable to upload the video above, please upload your video at any other video sharing websites and make sure to choose [Private] for privacy preferences.

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If you currently have or used have a professional representation, please let us know the name of the company.

※Please make sure that the total size of the files you upload is no more than 350MB.